photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw


Instrument: violin

Classification: 3 Chordophones / 32 Composite chordophones / 321 Lutes / 321.3 Handle lutes / 321.32 Necked lutes / 321.322 Necked box lutes or necked guitars / 321.322-71 Necked box lutes or necked guitarswith a bow

Violin maker: unknown

Date: end of the 19th c.

Owner: in private possession

Provenance: possessed by the family of violinist Magdalena Suchecka-Richer before 1939

Description: instrument possibly made by a Tyrolean violin maker; original back replaced, belly seriously damaged during the war in 1939, repaired after 1945; neck replaced in Poznań ca. 1980 on the suggestion of Professor W. Kamiński; good tonal properties yet limited range

Violinists: Magdalena Suchecka-Richer (honorable mention at the 1981 International H. Wieniawski Violin Competition in Poznań)

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