Unknown (Ignatz Hoffmann sen. [?])

photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

Unknown (Ignatz Hoffmann sen. [?])

Instrument: violin

Classification: 3 Chordophones / 32 Composite chordophones / 321 Lutes / 321.3 Handle lutes / 321.32 Necked lutes / 321.322 Necked box lutes or necked guitars / 321.322-71 Necked box lutes or necked guitars with a bow

Violin maker: unknown / Ignatz Hoffmann sen. [?]

Date: c. 1750

Owner: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage’s Collection of Violins

Inventory number: KIL-224

Provenance: bought on 1998 from Jerzy Burban from Wrocław, who'd purchased it in 1986 and claimed that the violin had been made by Ignatz Hoffmann sen. (May 1695–29 March 1769) from Wilkanów (Wölfelsdorf) in the Kłodzko Valley

Description: German school; two-piece spruce belly, one-piece back of flame maple; varnish in gold-brown shades

Inscriptions: printed label, perhaps fake, reading Petrus Guarnerius, Cremonensis, fecit, / Mantua sub. tit. Sanctae Teresioe [sic] 16(99) [Made by Pietro (Giovanni) Guarneri from Cremona in Mantua under the patronage of St. Teresa 1699]

Measurements: body length 354 mm, upper bout 163 mm, middle bout 107 mm, lower bout 204 mm, total length 596 mm

Materials: spruce, sycamore

Catalog card: based on the Union of Polish Artist Violin Makers’ documentation

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