Franciszek Borowiecki (Borówka-Borowiecki)

photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

Franciszek Borowiecki (Borówka-Borowiecki)

Instrument: violin

Classification: 3 Chordophones / 32 Composite chordophones / 321 Lutes / 321.3 Handle lutes / 321.32 Necked lutes / 321.322 Necked box lutes or necked guitars / 321.322-71 Necked box lutes or necked guitars with a bow

Violin maker: Franciszek Borowiecki (Borówka-Borowiecki)

Date: 1932

Town: Lublin

Country: Poland

Owner: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage’s Collection of Violins

Inventory number: KIL-201

Provenance: bought from Lech Bazewicz c. 1996

Description: two-piece spruce belly, two-piece back made from tiger maple as are the sides, neck and head; varnish in dark brown shades with a red tinge

Inscriptions: printed label reading Franciszek Borowiecki / wykonał w Lublinie / Roku Pańskiego 19(32.) / [F†B in a double circle to the right] [Made by Franciszek Borowiecki in Lublin anno Domini 1932]

Measurements: body length 357 mm, upper bout 166.5 mm, lower bout 205 mm, total length 605 mm

Materials: spruce, sycamore

Catalog card: based on the Union of Polish Artist Violin Makers’ documentation

KIL-201, G.P. Telemann, Fantasia in B minor, TWV 40:22, Allegro, rec. Katarzyna Denkiewicz

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